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THRIVE with the Advance Plan.

Move your business forward.

The Advance Plan is our level one package, offering the tools you need to recognize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and organize strategies to advance your business objectives. With the Advance Plan, we begin by developing an understanding of your business and personal goals. From there, we help you build an easy-to-follow plan that will serve as a solid roadmap for growth. The THRIVE team are rigorous coaches, as well—meaning we'll help hold you accountable for the goals you identify for yourself and your business. Segments of the Advance Plan include:

  • Goal-setting, both long- and short-term
  • Business entity type identification (including discussion of tax-driven structures)
  • Tax return compliance and planning for tax minimization (state and federal)
  • Preparing personal financial statements
  • Periodic meetings to review your progress
  • Determining capital requirements and connecting you with funding sources
  • Growth opportunity forecasting
  • Identify and emphasize business value drivers
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Connecting with capital funding sources
  • Periodic meetings to hold you accountable to the plan
  • Review actual performance versus goals and adjust accordingly
    in the THRIVE Advance Plan, we'll be standing by to serve as your sounding board to discuss the questions, challenges,and opportunities that face your business,no matter its size.

To get more information on what THRIVE can do for you and your business,
please contact Ben Platt at blplatt@kpacpa.com or 904-460-0747

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