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THRIVE with the Elevate Plan.

Move your business forward, then take it higher.

The Elevate Plan is our level two package. It offers every service included in the Advance Plan, as well as a number of custom-designed strategies to drill down into the day-to-day operations of your business. And again, we check in regularly to help hold you accountable for any goals you set or plans you make. Segments of the Elevate Plan include:

  • Creating a consistent and reliable monthly financial reporting package
  • Identifying industry metrics and key performance indicators to help you see how your business compares to others in your industry
  • Drafting a business plan based on goals and forecasting
  • Identifying your business' value drivers for steady acceleration
  • Planning strategic next-steps for growth
  • Creating solid processes and procedures, including corporate governance
  • Defining and refining workflows
  • Budget vs. Actual Comparison
  • Creating a business valuation snapshot
  • Planning organizational structures

To get more information on what THRIVE can do for you and your business,
please contact Ben Platt at blplatt@kpacpa.com or 904-460-0747

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